Examination Instructions


Please follow some useful ‘Examination Instructions’ and read carefully.

Before the Exams

-Make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before the exam.

-Only drinks are allowed (water, coffee or juice) in the examination room.

Bring your own calculator. You will NOT be allowed to use the calculator on your mobile phone.

-Do not bring any unauthorized material (e.g. written notes etc). Remember dictionaries are not allowed.

-Only blue or black pens and rulers must be used on the exam paper.  No corrector fluid is allowed, changes can be crossed out. Pencil cases are not allowed.

During the Exams

-Make sure your mobile phone is switched off.

-Place your mobile phone on the front desk together with any bags, books, coats etc. Spectacle cases must not be taken to your desks.

-Write your name and student number clearly, on the exam paper and the questionnaire.

-Write clearly and legibly.

-Use the last page of the exam paper to make notes or calculations.

-You are NOT permitted to share calculators or any other materials during the examination.

-Talking is NOT allowed at any time in the examination room.

-If you have any questions or need more papers, raise your hand.

-Keep your eyes on your own paper. Remember, copying is cheating!

-Please note that cheating and talking during the examinations will result in disqualification and zeroing of your exam paper.

-You will not be permitted to leave the examination room during the first hour.

-Stop writing on expiration of the exam time limit.

-When you finish your exam, leave the room quickly and quietly. Remember to take all your belongings with you.