Recent Publications



1. Vasileios I Metaxas, Gerasimos A Messaris, George D Gatzounis, George S Panayiotakis
Optimisation of patient dose and image quality in fluoroscopically guided cervical spine surgery: a phantom-based study
Radiation Protection Dosimetry, Vol. 184, 2019, P. 237–247
2. Vasileios I Metaxas, Gerasimos A Messaris, Aristea N Lekatou, Theodore G Petsas, George S Panayiotakis  

Patient dose in digital radiography utilizing BMI classification

Radiation Protection Dosimetry, vol. 184, 2019, p. 155–167
3. Gerasimos A.T. Messaris, Dimitrios N.Georgakopoulos, PetrosZampakis, Christina P.Kalogeropoulou, Theodoros G.Petsas, George S.Panayiotakis  

Patient dose in brain perfusion imaging using an 80-slice CT system
Journal of Neuroradiology, vol. 46, 2019, p. 243-247
4. Sofoklis Katakis, Nikolaos Barotsis, Dimitrios Kastaniotis, Christos Theoharatos, Panagiotis Tsiganos, George Economou, Elias Panagiotopoulos, Spiros Fotopoulos, George Panayiotakis
Muscle type and gender recognition utilising high-level textural representation in musculoskeletal ultrasonography
Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology, vol. 45, 2019, p. 1562-1573
5. George Saatsakis, Nektarios Kalyvas, Christos Michail , Konstantinos Ninos, Athanasios Bakas , Christina Fountzoula, Ioannis Sianoudis, George E. Karpetas, George Fountos, Ioannis Kandarakis, Ioannis Valais, George Panayiotakis  

Optical characteristics of ZnCuInS/ZnS (Core/Shell) nanocrystal flexible films under X-ray excitation
Crystals 2019, vol. 9(7), 343


1. Andreas E. Petropoulos, Spyros G. Skiadopoulos, Anna N. Karahaliou, Gerasimos A.T. Messaris, Nikolaos S. Arikidis., Lena I. Costaridou 

Quantitative assessment of microcalcification cluster image quality in digital breast tomosynthesis, 2-dimensional and synthetic mammography.
Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing (In press), November 2019
2. Vamvakas A., Tsougos I., Arikidis N., Kapsalaki E., Fountas K., Fezoulidis I., Costaridou L.  

Exploiting morphology and texture of 3D tumor models in DTI for differentiating glioblastoma multiforme from solitary metastasis  

Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, vol. 43, p. 159-173, 2018
3. Tsochatzidis L., Zagoris K., Arikidis N., Karahaliou A., Costaridou L., Pratikakis I.  

Computer-aided diagnosis of mammographic masses based on a supervised content-based image retrieval approach  

Pattern Recognition, vol. 71, p. 106-117, 2017
4. Vlachopoulos G., Korfiatis P., ,Skiadopoulos S., Kazantzi A., Kalogeropoulou C., Pratikakis I., Costaridou L.  

Selecting registration schemes in case of interstitial lung disease follow-up in CT  

Medical Physics, vol. 42(8), p. 4511-4525, 2015
5. Arikidis N., Vassiou K., Kazantzi A., Skiadopoulos S., Karahaliou A., Costaridou L.  

A two-stage method for microcalcification cluster segmentation in mammography by deformable models
Medical Physics, vol. 42(10), p. 5848-5861, 2015.