Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar 2022 -2023

Each academic year runs from September to June.

Α Semester (Fall)
Start date: 03.10.2022
End date: 13.1.2023

Α Semester (Fall)
Start date: 23.1.2023
End date: 10.2.2023

Β Semester (Spring)
Start date: 20.2.2023
End date: 2.6.2023

Β Semester (Spring)
Start date: 12.6.2023
End date: 30.6.2023

September 2022
Exam Period

26.8.2022 – 23.9.2022

National holiday: October 28
Athens Polytechnic Uprising (Student uprising against the military junta in 1973): November 17
Saint Andrew’s Day, Patron Saint of the city of Patras: November 30
Christmas Holidays: December 24 – January 6
Celebration of Education Day: January 30
Monday of Lent
National holiday: March 25
Easter Holidays: from Easter Monday to Sunday after Easter
Labour Day: May 1
Holy Spirit Monday (Monday after Pentecost)
Students Elections Day