Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program of Studies in Medical Physics – Radiation Physics


The postgraduate program in Medical Physics-Radiation Physics was founded in 1988 and has been the first program in Greece (1993) officially offering a Postgraduate Diploma (Master of Science). The program has recently (2018) been revised (FEK 1627/10.5.2018 & FEK 3922/10.9.2018), aiming to:

  • be harmonized with European Medical Physics Programs of studies accreditation specifications.
  • prepare graduates (holding a BSc Degree in Physics) to be accepted in the 3-year training in Medical Physics offered by the Greek Hospitals, required for participating to the Professional License Examinations.
  • offer scientific knowledge and research skills, necessary to Physicists and related Scientists, wishing to be involved in Research and Development in the field of Medical Physics-Radiation Physics.

The duration of the Program is three (3) academic semesters, leading to a Postgraduate Diploma (Master of Science) in Medical Physics-Radiation Physics.