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304: Advanced topics in Medical Imaging


Advanced topics in Medical Imaging 



Assoc. Prof. Eleni Costaridou


The course deals with three-dimensional 3d imaging methods, with emphasis on image reconstruction algorithms, as well as computational methods for image quantification,  to assist diagnosis. In addition, the Monte Carlo method is presented, as a basic tool for X ray imaging experimentation. The course hosts lectures of experts in 3d medical imaging and image analysis on the above topics. The course also includes laboratory exercises, implemented in suitable computational environments.



The learning goals of the course are:

  • Providing knowledge to students, regarding image reconstruction methods, including filtered backprojection in the spatial and Fourier domains and the MLEM and OSEM iterative reconstruction methods.
  • Providing knowledge to students, regarding image quantification methods, including local multiscale enhancement and 3d segmentation  and registration methods.
  • Providing knowledge to students, regarding the Monte Carlo simulation method and especially of the inversion and rejection sampling methods.
  • Familiarization of the students with computational environment suitable for implementing the above methods, by means of practicals and code demonstrations.
The final goal is to provide the students with the basic theoretical background needed for understanding 3d imaging methods, as well as image quantification methods, for assisting diagnosis, in an effort to enrich the themes of interest of medical physicists-radiation physicists.