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302: Physics of Radiation Therapy II


Physics of Radiation Therapy II



Prof. Constantine Kappas, Assoc. Prof. Kyriaki Theodorou, Ass. Prof. George Kyrgias, Lect. John Tsougkos


Basic principles of radiation biology – Radiobiological modeling – Radiobiological optimization in treatment planning systems – Monte Carlo – Brachytherapy – Particle treatments – ICRU 50&62 - Heterogeneities – Brachytherapy -  QA procedures in radiotherapy – Medical Aspects of Radiotherapy – Presentation of clinical protocols for different tumor sites – Introduction to Conformal Radiotherapy – Introduction to Treatment Planning Systems – Advanced dose calculation algorithms in TPS - Physical optimization algorithms – IMRT – Clinical applications – Stereotactic radiotherapy



To provide MP students with advanced topics of Physics of Radiation Therapy, related to the Medical Physicist's role in the Hospital.