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205: Mathematical Image Processing and Analysis


Mathematical Image Processing and Analysis 



Prof. Dionyssis Cavouras, Ass. Prof. Dimitris Gklotsos, Dr. Spyridon Kostopoulos


Introduction (the computerized imaging system, image display process, the quality of the medical image, creation of microarray images, the discrete Fourier transform for image processing, properties of the DFT, convolution/correlation theorem)

Image enhancement (grey scale manipulation techniques, windowing techniques, histogram modification techniques, time domain image matrix manipulation techniques, image smoothing, image sharpening, frequency domain image enhancement, Butterworth filters, exponential filters, time against frequency domain image enhancement)

Image restoration (Wiener filter, power spectrum equalization or homomorphic filter, generalized Wiener filters)

Tomographic image reconstruction algorithms (the Fourier reconstruction algorithm, convolution/filter back-projection algorithm)



To provide the MP students in-depth knowledge of the image processing concepts and methods used in medical images, with hands-on experience in developing algorithms in MATLAB.