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201: Radiation-matter interaction & Dosimetry


Radiation-matter interaction & Dosimetry



Prof. Robert Speller, Dr. Julie Horrocks


Possible and important interactions, cross-sections and coefficients, measurement of attenuation, Photoelectric interaction, Coherent and incoherent scattering, Pair production, Relative importance of interactions, Cahrged particle interactions, Neutron interactions, Principles of Monte Carlo simulation techniques and their applications.

The radiation field, Effects of ionizing radiation on matter, Absorbed dose, Exposure, Kerma, Determination of absorbed dose by indirect measurement, Bragg-Gray theory and its use, Comparison of electron, photon and neutron dosimetry, Dosimetry and radionuclides, Radiation detectors and methods of radiation dosimetry, Applications of detectors.


To provide MP students the theory behind the interaction of radiation with matter and the concept of dosimetry. The concepts covered are used in later courses of the core-curriculum related to Radiation Physics. Additionally, to provide hands-on experience of dosimetric calculations using real data in Excel.